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 Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)

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Captain Ian

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BerichtOnderwerp: Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)   di feb 24 2009, 08:26

Grand Prix Rotterdam. 21-22 February 2009

12:00. Leave work and pick up Jasper and Oswin in Groningen

12:45 Pick up Andre in Assen. Go on to Rotterdam

15:10 Get lost in Rotterdam. (tick that one off)

15:30 Find the hostel and check in.
We discovered that breakfast was at 08:00, which was a bit of a shame as we had to be at the AHOY before 09:00. Fortunately we could order a packed breakfast to take with us, so we arranged that for Saturday morning and for Sunday.

16:10 Go to the “Groothandels” building, next to the central train station, to possibly take part in trials with byes for the Grand Prix as prizes. Get lost in Rotterdam on the way. (tick that one off, done that).
By this time we had met up with the other car load of players from Groningen and were 8 strong. Only Andre wanted to play as the rest of us though that 25 euro’s for the tournament, where you were out as soon as you lost a match, was a bit too much to pay. So we left Andre to it and went off to eat pizza (very nice). When we came back he was literally one turn away from losing his match, so we bought some cheap boosters from the dealer (2.50 each) and went back to the hostel to draft.

19:30 Finally get everyone together in one room. The wasn’t much space as every single table in the whole building had people sitting at it playing magic. Drafted by getting two 3-seater sofa’s to face each other, with a chair at each end, then dispersed throughout the building to build our decks. I had a 5-colour Maelstrom Angel and a range of other multicolour cards. Of course the mana never worked out and my Angel crashed in a cloud of multicoloured feathers.
After the draft a distressed Englishman (Steve) came around trying to sell cards to get some money to pay for his room. He had lost his wallet in Ireland, where he lives, that morning, had a 5 hour flight delay to Schipol and finally got to the hostel to discover that it hadn’t been paid for by credit card as he thought, because they don’t accept credit cards. Cash only. I bought some cards from him for 10 euro to enable him to get his room. Then I went to bed whilst most of the others started another draft at 23:00.

06:30 Get up, shower, pick up the breakfast package and wait for the others to make their appearance. They eventually did, having mostly had about 4 hours sleep and having loads of complaints about the snorers in the room (we were sleeping 8 people in one room). I kept quiet! Steve came down as well, asking how to get to the AHOY, so I offered to take him with us in the car, which he gratefully accepted.

07:15 Drive to the Ahoy with a full car. Get lost in Rotterdam.

07:40 Arrive at the venue (it’s at most a 10 minute drive – if you know the way).

08:10 Skip the huge registration queue because we had registered at the trials the previous Evening. Drink copious quantities of coffee whilst waiting for the event to start.

08:45 Steve’s friend had overslept and wouldn’t be arriving until later, which meant that Steve could not pay the registration fee. Gave him 50 euro so that he could play, and get coffee/breakfast. Happy and relieved he rushed off to register.

10:00 Open the boosters, register the cards and give them away. Sometimes it’s just heartbreaking to have to give away the cards that you open for the registration. In this case, the impression I had of the card pool was that the black was good (2 Infest) end that there was a lot of good Green and White cards. The guy diagonally opposite to me got that pool to play with, and I got the pool he opened. I resisted the temptation to add more colours and simply built a Naya deck RGW). Removal and tricks and flyers and other good creatures. It basically built itself, and I was somewhat surprised when I checked off the cards in my deck – I had included every green card in the pool!

11:00 The tournament starts. My opponent arrives all flustered and tells me that he already has a game loss for handing in his deck list too late. We start to play as if we know nothing about that (I certainly had not heard from a judge that there was a problem). I
whupped him in game one, and we had just started game two when a judge came along and gave out the game loss. Easy win for me, not a good start to the day for my opponent. I hope he got over the bad start.

The rest of the day consisted of playing a match, catching up with how the others were doing, grabbing a drink/bite to eat when possible, getting cards signed after quick matches and generally having a good time. There were players from 37 counties, and I played against a belgian, a pole, a bulgarian, a swiss and some Dutchmen.

My results were
Match 1 Win
Match 2 Loss (should have mulliganed the first game).
My 50 euro’s were slid under by deck box during the match – Steve’s
friend had turned up.
Match 3 Win
Match 4 Loss (got just green lands (4) in the first game Sad )
Match 5 Win
Match 6 Win. This was cool.
Game 1 Mulliganed to 5 cards to get a hand with more than 1 land.
Won that game with my Flameblast Dragon.
Game 2 Mulliganed to 5 cards. Got a hand with 2 land and kept. Drew
1 other land, far too late to help. I played 1 spell)
Game 3 Mulliganed to 6 cards. Won the game.
5 mulligans because of 0 or 1 land hands in one match, and still win cheers
Match 7 Loss
Match 8 Loss
Match 9 Win

I am very happy with that result – far above the average according to Rich Hagon (MTG reporter)

The guy playing “my” pool went 6-3 with a U/B build.
3 of the 10 players from Groningen qualify for day 2.

22:00 Back to hostel. Get lost in Rotterdam Drink beer. Go to bed.

06:15 Shower before the hordes arrive. Same routine as yesterday. We have to be there early for the people who want to play in the extended or legacy tournaments.

07:15 Drive to the Ahoy with a full car. Don’t get lost.

08:10 Sign up for the first draft of the day.

09:00 Draft. I had another 5-colour Maelstrom Angel and a 3 colour Emphyrial Angel, both of which I wanted to play, but had very little mana fixing. I built the 5 colour deck anyway knowing that either the mana would work, in which case it would be spectacular, or that I would be unable to play anything. I just can’t resist the Maelstrom Angel.
Game 1. The mana worked out fine and I had all 5 colours on turn 6. Trouble was I just kept drawing lands, and had found 12 of my 18 lands by the end, with 2 more on top of my deck. If you can’t find spells to cast, things don’t work out in your favour very often. Game two was, as predicted, crash and burn time. Mad

10:15 Wander around and watch some feature matches. Do other nerdy things. Drink coffee.

12:20 Draft again. This time I definitely wasn’t going to draft a 5 colour deck. I got a Jund B/R/g deck with lots of burn spells and small quick creatures. Crash and burn of a different nature Very Happy
Game 1. I was expecting to play 2 drop creatures and attack. Instead I ended up burning him out with 2 cycled Resounding Lightnings (= 6 damage each) and an Exploding Borders for 4.
Game 2. Attacked for 1, 3, 4, 5 then burned him out.
Match 2. I took the first game with an Exploding Borders for 5.
The second game I kept a hand with 1 land, but all 2 or 3 casting cost creatures. I discarded 5 spells before finding another land, which then gave me a total of 2 mountains – and I still couldn’t cast a spell. Dead.
Don’t. Ever. Keep. A. One. Land. Hand. Ever.
Game 3 was a blowout, but I still got 2 boosters for my troubles.

15:00 Wander around and watch some feature matches. Drink coffee. Get cards signed.
Chat to Randy Gallegos about Watchman and get a sketch of Rorschach on the back of an artists proof. (tick that one off, done that)
Win a laptop bag in the Planeswalker challenge draw. (tick that one off, done that)
Spend the rest of my time watching our three comrades play after the last draft of the tournament. Anne (it’s a dutch boy’s name, pronounced Annuh) stood 7th after the first round of games from the first day 2 draft. First match after the second draft and he has to play Shuuhei Nakamura (player of the year). Third game and Anne has lethal damage on the board and a trick in hand to get it through. He works it out (looks like several times, to be sure) and plays his trick. Shuuhei Nakamura plays Cancel, which he has probably been holding for some time. Anne loses the match, seeing a top 8 placing receding into the realms of lost dreams.

18:00 Anne lost his other two matches and ended up 38th, disappointed to not have made top 8. Round up the guys, said goodbye to Steve and other people I had met. Go Home (without getting lost).

This is how we did in the main event (final standings)
Position Name Country Points
38 Cnossen, Anne * [NLD] 33 67.1931%
58 Van Noordenburg, Douwe * [NLD] 33 61.0176%
136 Van Der Made, Allard * [NLD] 24 63.8175%
393 Phillips, Ian * [NLD] 15 52.7249%
417 Ten Brinke, Oswin * [NLD] 15 44.9794%
651 Jacobs, Maarten * [NLD] 9 66.6667%
871 Gramser, Niels * [NLD] 6 56.6667%
906 Pannekoek, Andre * [NLD] 6 52.0000%
1009 Boelens, Jasper * [NLD] 3 66.6667%
1146 Haaksman, Gijsbert * [NLD] 3 36.0000%

Also Oswin played in a Legacy tournament on Sunday and came second.
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Pro Player

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)   di feb 24 2009, 10:09

@Reighdar schreef:
Anne (it’s a dutch boy’s name, pronounced Annuh)

Spread the word Ian! I had to explain this so many times this weekend, that I consider printing it on a shirt.

De site voor Geeks:
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)   di feb 24 2009, 10:13

@Anne schreef:
@Reighdar schreef:
Anne (it’s a dutch boy’s name, pronounced Annuh)

Spread the word Ian! I had to explain this so many times this weekend, that I consider printing it on a shirt.

I want one, xxl
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)   di feb 24 2009, 10:52

Mr Pancake schreef:
@Anne schreef:
@Reighdar schreef:
Anne (it’s a dutch boy’s name, pronounced Annuh)

Spread the word Ian! I had to explain this so many times this weekend, that I consider printing it on a shirt.

I want one, xxl

Me too!

I used to be good at sports.
Then i found out you could buy trophies,
now i'm good at everything!
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)   

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Grand Prix Rotterdam (Engels)
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