Magic: The Gathering voor Groningen, Friesland en alles daar buiten
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 Conflux pre-release (verslag in het engels)

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Captain Ian

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BerichtOnderwerp: Conflux pre-release (verslag in het engels)   vr feb 06 2009, 11:32

Let me tell you all about the pre-release yesterday Ö.

Snow. Thatís how the day started. Roads covered in a white, slippery layer. And the normal route to Groningen was closed due to road works ( I got lost there on my way to work this morning!) so I had to go via an alternative route, which led to me getting a little lost (5 minutes) on my way to the venue.

Once there I saw the normal suspects outside, having a smoke and lots more people inside. There was to be a Legacy tournament running, as well as the pre-release. One of my multiplayer group there, Ronald. He hadnít done very well at the last pre-release and was hoping to do a bit better than to lose almost all of his matches this time. (Me too!)

Then we got down to business and opened up the boosters. I got an Elspeth planeswalker out of my first pack, and two more mythic rares from the others. Happy cyclops . 3 mythic rares and a couple of good rares out of 6 boosters. I quickly had to decide between a W/R/G base deck, splashing for my 5 colour mythic rare Maelstrom Angel, or a tricky U/W/B arifact based deck. I went for the easier deck to build because I didnít have enough time to figure all the trickery out in the artifact deck, and I wanted to play with my first ever Planeswalker card, and my cool 5 colour Angel.

Ronald seemed to be pretty happy with his deck as well and we were off.

Match 1 vs Jan-Willem.

Jan-Willem didnít really have his head in the game, or his deck. He had 40 cards, and seemded to have 20 + mana sources and at least half of his creatures as 1/1ís that didnít do much other that get stomped on, which meant that he had about 7 cards of his deck that could actually do some reasonable amount of damage. To be fair, he had dropped his motorbike outside the building (very slippery road) and was thinking more about the 500 euro damage that he had done to it than a game of magic.
Still a win is a win, and thatís a begin. (No jokes about poets please).

Match 2 Vs my nemesis Douwe, ex dutch champion (2005).
I have never beaten this guy, why do I have to meet him now? Not fair.

He wasnít happy with his first attempt at the deck and had been putting together a second deck, but still started with his first version.
He started off with a mulligan, and I never looked back, stomping him into a pulp whilst ending up on 24 life in the first game.
He took some time to swap his deck over to the second build for the second game. This time he kept a risky 1 land hand and regretted it, with much the same result as the first game. Whoooh! First time ever. Well that has made my day, whatever happens now I have an enormous success already today.

I met up with Ronald after the match and he was also very happy having also won his first two matches..

Match 3 vs Martin playing B/R/G with some artifacts.

This was quite a tense matchup but the result was defined by his Artifact, Obelix of Alara. It has 5 abilities, one for each colour, including gaining 5 life, doing 3 damage to an opponent and other things. We played 2 games and in both I had him dead except for the fact that he got the artifact out both times and used to gain enough life to stay in the game. First loss, but sure that I have got a good deck.

Ronald lost his match to a deck with lots of flyers so we looked at each otherís decks and I suggested a couple of card swaps, which he made.

Match 4 vs Martijn also B/R/G.
The first game I got stuck on 3 lands and spent most of the game discarding spells I couldnít play, not fun at all. The second game wasnít much better. He did 13 points damage to me in one turn. Ouch. B/R seems to be this decks weakness.

Ronald won his match, on the back of one of the cards I suggested that he swap in (against flyers).

Match 5 vs Allard W/G.

The first game was a blowout as I got stuck on 3 land again.
The second game was a blowout as he got stuck on 3 land.
The decider came basically down to the fact that he played more creatures than me, at a lower cost and the pumped them up. I couldnít keep up .

Match 6 vs Niels W/G
First game was decided by me having to make an all-out attack, and hope that he wouldnít see the correct (only) way to do exactly the 10 points of damage he needed to do. But he is too good a player to miss that.
The second game I played a creature on turn 1, turn 2 and turn 3, and my planeswalker on turn 4. He could not ever get back from that!
The decider went to time and he killed me his very last turn using Martial Coup, a sort of WOG that also gives you an attack force of 1/1 tokens. To be fair my next 4 draws were land, land, creature and land, so I wouldnít have won this one anyway.

Ronald came to tell me that he had won all but one of his matches, ending up third on tiebreakers, but winning 7 boosters for his trouble (I got none).

So that was my first Pre-release for 9 months (holidays and a wedding having taken priority over the last two Pre-releases. It was fun, and I got to finally beat Douwe Laughing .
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Conflux pre-release (verslag in het engels)
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