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 GP Brussel, a judge's perspective

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BerichtOnderwerp: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   di dec 22 2015, 22:48

Hallo, het verslag is in het engels geschreven, omdat het ook voor judgeapps is, maar misschien vinden jullie het ook een leuke read!

It took a while, but hereís my tournament report for GP Brussels.Smile

While I enjoyed judging GP Liverpool a lot, the one downside to going with players was not really hanging out with my travelling-companions. This time we had a house together and I ended up finishing my shifts on Saturday and Sunday early enough to have dinner with them and even fire a draft on Sunday. The format? 1 Random booster, Khans of Tarkir and magic origins. Bringer of the Blue Dawn was my first pick and as such I had to force some 5 colour sweet stuff. Which worked! So this GP ended up being even a better experience than Liverpool.


Friday I was on standby, but as we arrived at the location a fellow judge from the Netherlands told me we had both, among others, been activated as judges. We were put in the GPT team, which started a bit messy, as we initially only collected results but did not have the pairings for all of the GPTs. I ended up with the brackets for trial 6 when there was a call at that trial as well. I chose to stay at that trial, after informing my team, to spread the judges a bit more and have a trial/area to focus on for myself. Throughout the day Iíve managed several trials, sometimes 2 at the same time and for a short time even 3 as another judge wanted me to watch his trial until he was back. The hardest ruling I made was today.

Players call me over to a table, were Anthony has played a Siege Rhino. Nicolas goes into the tank and uses his life pad to visualize what would happen. He scratches out the numbers again and tells his opponent he wants to Ojutaiís Command the Siege Rhino. Anthony argues the Siege Rhino has resolved, since Nicolas wrote down the life totals. What do you do?


I ended the Friday on a 2HG sealed tournament and ended up discussing the day with some fellow judges, as the tournament had a very casual feel to it. One of the things I felt was appreciated by other judges, was handing out water bottles to floorjudges every time I went to get a drink.


For Saturday I was in the mid logistics team, which ended up being floor coverage as early logistics had everything worked out already. While I would have liked to learn a bit more about logistics, I really like floor coverage as well! †Round 1 I found out how hard it sometimes is to gain all the information players have. After asking them twice whether what they told me was all that happened, I went to get a level 3 to ask if I can go for a backup. When I arrived at the table again, the players apparently were a turn further than what they had told me initially. (No they hadnít played on while I searched for a L3.) Luckily, I could still backup and the players could play on. An interesting aspect of this ruling, was making clear to the players I could not just give the fix †the way they wanted it too, as the IPG doesnít allow it.
A scenario where I wasnít professional enough was when a L3 was on the other side of the table. While the ruling required an L3, I should have asked him to come with me to the end of the row and explain what happened at the table and what I wanted to do. However, I asked him at the table and the players could follow the discussion this way. Another thing I realized was: It is a good idea to at least know the levels of your team, as they are close to you and can help you with a back-up.

During round 7, part of our team had to help public events, while we also would have a break. Thus we reported in, got our break and were being instructed on being a runner for on demand events. While collecting the coasters for my first event to run, another judge began to take over, but did not initially mention I had to report to the public events manager. After the confusion cleared, I was sent to the last two rebound sealed events. Given how the events worked, this was a tough one for me. I had quite a lot to arrange and learn where to get everything I needed, while the events had the same round start times. After starting round 1 for event A and deck building for event B, I checked where to get pairings, get the prizes I would need for both events, make sure the players for event B had paid, as someone else would collect the entry fee. While checking in regularly at both events, to show there is a judge if there are any calls. I realized I could not hand out prizes the same way as the trials on Friday, as those were single elimination and these events were swiss. Past round 1, where handing out the points at the start of next round worked, I handed them out after receiving the result slip. After 2 rounds I had everything covered and could unwind a bit. Well that was also the moment another judge relieved me to end my shift.


As a part of the early shift for public events, I expected to be working at one of the larger events or on the on demand events. It turned out I was to be responsible for the prizes for on demand events. Having no previous experience with this, I ended up being satisfied with the result. I made sure to have a clear approach to this challenge. First help any players with their prizes, then process any incoming events, including filling them out on my own administration, followed by preparing more prizes for other incoming events. After that finish up finished events and finally ordering the finished events by type and number.

The events were BFZ draft, chaos draft, historic draft, standard, modern, and 2HG draft. While each seemed to have their own type of event, I realized halfway through why there was a chaos draft missing. The BFZ draft, chaos draft and historic draft would count up in events together. So draft 110 was actually a chaos draft. †As the chaos drafts started with 88 and 89, I assumed the next chaos draft would be 90. †Having sorted this out, it was time for a break. After the break, I noticed some events were missing, or the prizes not laid out for events. Apparently the judge who covered for my break had not been able to keep up with everything, which happens. I would just have liked it a lot if he had told me when I came back. Now I had to find out the hard way while players were trying to collect prizes. In the afternoon another Judge helped me out and ended up taking over after my shift ended. I already met him when I was playing in Madrid and try to speak with him every GP I see him, being able to work together was a great opportunity for me. While we worked together, we managed to catch up with processing all the finished events and sorting them.

Well, that about wraps it up. Iíve had loads of fun and learned a lot this weekend. And Iím so glad judges have always told me to judge GPís.
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Honey Bunny

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   wo dec 23 2015, 00:41

Pfffff... Het lijkt wel werken! Wink

Pimpin' donkey's since 30/11/2006!
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   wo dec 23 2015, 10:53

Vanuit een business control perspectief: duidelijke communicatie, hand-overs en goede administratie wat waar is en wat gebruikt is, is volgens mij een leerpuntje voor de organisatie Wink

Leuk verslag Desmond, maar t klinkt wel als hard en frustrerend werken! Gj Wink

Why is my impressiveness
Written off like as it was ofcoursiveness
This is importantness!
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   wo dec 23 2015, 12:30

Mooi verslag Desmond.. leuk om jouw perspectief zo na te lezen
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   ma dec 28 2015, 17:31

Eens met Jasper! We zagen wel elke dag dat je moe was, maar nu snappen we nog beter waarom Wink

Heb je nog reacties gekregen van andere judges over je ruling mbt de Rhino nav je verslag? Ben benieuwd, volgens mij heb je het goed gedaan.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: GP Brussel, a judge's perspective   

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GP Brussel, a judge's perspective
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