Magic: The Gathering voor Groningen, Friesland en alles daar buiten
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 Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn

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Aantal berichten : 11180
Leeftijd : 118
Registration date : 23-08-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   zo sep 30 2007, 22:49

Rank Name Points
1 A Grove, Kevin M 16
2 A van Noordenburg, Douwe 15
3 A Kingma, Andy J 15
4 A Haaksman, Gijsbert 15
5 A Polgar, Laurens 14
6 A van der Vaart, Elske 13
7 A Jacobs, Gideon 12
8 A Hennink, Martijn W 12
9 B van Winden, Rogier L 12
10 A Pannekoek, Andre 12
11 A Beukema, Kasper (a) 12
12 A Van Der Made, Allard 12
13 A Hulkenberg, Jasper 10
14 A ten Brinke, Oswin 10
15 B Faber, Enne T 10
16 B van der Ploeg, Jan 10
17 B Van Der Wel, Vince 10
18 A Hillemans, Jeroen 9
19 A ter Wal, Gerjan 9
20 A De Boer, Collin 9
21 A Maarten, Kwant 9
23 B van der Ploeg, Tobie 9
24 B Pot, andre 8
25 B Beljaars, Martijn 8
26 B De Boer, Oscar 8
27 B Bruining, Durk 7
28 A Hagens, Wim L 6
29 A de Vrind, Rogier 6
30 B Gramser, Niels 6
31 B tigchelaar, lieuwe 6
32 B Bouma, Gerke 6
33 Ten Meer, Erwin J 6
34 B Kamp, Willem 4
35 B Hoogendoorn, Sebastiaan 4
36 van Rees-Vellinga, Tjeerd 3
37 Kolling, Rik 3
38 van der Graaf, Pier 3
39 biemans, henri 3
40 B vd wal, alle 3
41 B Molendijk, Johan C 2
42 B Huizenga, Jorrit 1
43 B Ottenhoff, Jurjen 1
44 Phillips, Ian 0
45 van der Bie, Alex M 0
46 de Jong, Jesse 0
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   zo sep 30 2007, 23:14

Nette opkomst!

Baal er echt van dat ik niet kon (wegens geldgebrek),,, ach, was waarschijnlijk toch onderin geeindigd cheers
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Aantal berichten : 1280
Leeftijd : 35
Registration date : 27-08-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   zo sep 30 2007, 23:33

zo jammer van die speelfout in het laatste potje, anders had ik waarschijnlijk gewonnen, en 11 punten gehad, en dus een t-shirt Sad

Maar, ondanks het vele voor mijn hoofd slaan , toch een super prerelease
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Aantal berichten : 36
Leeftijd : 28
Registration date : 09-08-07

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   ma okt 01 2007, 15:08

was chill, nog even met 2 boosters weg gelopen Very Happy
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Captain Ian

Aantal berichten : 389
Leeftijd : 61
Locatie : Wildervank, directly above the center of the Earth.
Registration date : 16-10-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   do okt 04 2007, 20:46

Reaver schreef:
Rank Name Points
44 Phillips, Ian 0

De Draft ging Veeeel beter flower
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Captain Ian

Aantal berichten : 389
Leeftijd : 61
Locatie : Wildervank, directly above the center of the Earth.
Registration date : 16-10-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   vr okt 05 2007, 19:42

Tournament report – Lorwyn Pre-release 30 sept 2007

10:00 Sunday morning. Having driven to Groningen (and found the right street) I drive along it looking for the venue. On one side is houses, the other, a long park with grass, trees and the occasional bench. Finally, at the other end of the street some rather dingy buildings come into view. I have arrived.

Inside the “entertainments centre” it is dimly lit and you have to find your way through a bar with 5 dartboards, then a bowling alley also with 5 bowling runs, to a door hidden in darkness. You go through that into a large room that is reasonably lit and has loads of tables set out. Sitting around are a few of the die-hard Magic players that inhabit this part of Holland. Some of them I know quite well. Slowly the room fills up, trading gets going, coffee gets drunk (expensive coffee at that) and suddenly we can start.

I open a Blue Planeswalker and 3 (!) Shriekmaws and decide to play Blue/black, without really looking at the other colours.

Match 1 vs Wim playing G/U

Game 1 and he takes a mulligan, then we start on an attrition war, which he eventually got the upper hand in mainly due to his green Planeswalker. He slowly kills me off, with the emphasis on SLOWLY. After the first game there are 14 minutes left in the round.

Game 2. I get him down to 8 life but his play tempo doesn’t improve, despite my trying to get him to speed up and we run out of time and extra turns.

Not a good start, only played 1 game No

Match 2 vs Erwin playing W/B.

My deck was outclassed by his and I rapidly lost 2 games. The highlight (for Erwin) was him playing Purity (3WWW flying 6/6 elemental) to which I just couldn’t draw a Shriekmaw in time. 2 hits and I’m dead (again).

Erwin took the time to look through my deck and suggest some other cards to play, so I took his advice and swapped a few cards around.

2 matches : zero points.

Match 3 vs Arjan playing W/G

My deck played somewhat better this match, but I still lost 2 games pretty quickly and I signed up for the draft that had been announced. Whilst waiting for the next round I took the blue out of my deck and put Green in, hoping to win at least one game today. I was saved from yet more misery by the announcement that the draft would be taking place.

Dropped. Zero points. (I’ve had worse days - and no I don't want to talk about them Embarassed )

Drafting Lorwyn.

8 players, 24 boosters – do you just keep your rare then draft, or do you draft ?

I drafted - and I actually passed 2 of my 3 rares. I never saw a rare from anyone else…..

First pick was a Merfolk Harbinger and I quickly got into Blue/Black Merfolk/Faeries with some black removal. At the end I had a ton of low cost flying creatures, one Shriekmaw and I built a deck that had almost no creatures with more that 3 power or toughness. I was pretty worried that it was just going to roll over to decks with treefolk or giants in them.

Round one vs Erwin.

Second time today. Revenge time.

Erwin is playing R/B goblins

I got a draw that included lots of my merfolk and eventually got to the point where I was milling his deck for about 3 cards per turn, and he just couldn’t keep more that 2 men on the table. Star players were Merrow Commerce, untapping all my merfolk on my turn, and Silvergill Douser, to blunt his attacks. He conceded with about 7 cards left in his deck.

Game 2 was a bad case of colour screw for him as he never saw a swamp the whole game (7 mountains though). It’s tough, but it happens.

Cool. Finally won some games.

Match 2 vs Tjeerd playing a Merfolk/kithkin deck.

I missed a vital piece of information here – that the Changeling Hero, he played had Lifelink, and killed his other life gain card, Judge of Currents instead. That cost me the first game..

The next 2 games my deck did it’s thing and he didn’t do a single point of damage to me in either game.

Due to time constraints the last round couldn’t be played so the prizes were split – I got 4 boosters for being one of the finalists and the huge satisfaction of finally doing well in a draft. I have never got past the first round before.

All in all it was a fun day. It’s always good to see the new cards in play – even if you don’t do that well yourself.

Anyone want to draft ?
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Aantal berichten : 11180
Leeftijd : 118
Registration date : 23-08-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   vr okt 05 2007, 21:05

@Reighdar schreef:

[size=12]Anyone want to draft ?

Donderdagavond in de Walrus. Als je er om 20:45 bent dan zullen we je eens leren wat draften is!!


p.s leuk verslag en prima te lezen.
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn   

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Eindstand prerelease Lorwyn
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