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 [Artikel] Story : "Search for Thelion"

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BerichtOnderwerp: [Artikel] Story : "Search for Thelion"   zo jun 30 2013, 21:11

Iedereen heeft wel een verhaal of beleving in de wondere wereld van Fantasy games.  Zo hou ik er persoonlijk van scenario's te bedenken, en verhalen te schrijven.  Hierbij zou ik jullie graag willen mee nemen in 1 van deze verhalen.    

en dit begint met de Prologue.

Hasty footsteps echoed thru the great hall way, as Grestin made his way towards the Citadel-Meister.  In his hand he firmly held a Decorated Cylinder.  He stormed thru the laboratory doors shouting “Meister Decov, Meister Decov I found it, I found it!”.   Behind bubbling vials of various colours and substances a grey bearded man appeared.  “ show it to me lad” he said  as he put on his glasses.  Grestin opened the cylinder and took out an old odd looking scroll.  Grand Meister Decov rolled it out over his desk.  The scroll immediately emitted a clear bright light.  “ what does it say Meister” Grestin asked with great enthusiasm in his voice.  “ it’s appears  to be…” Meister Decov paused as he made his way towards the Large bookcase that towered against the back wall of the laboratory. “ fascinating, yes  indeed Fascinating” he spoke to himself while scanning the books quickly.  “Ah here it is “ he pulled out a large Codex.  On its cover the words “ compendium of Thelion”.  
“Now lets see if that old fool had something right”.  He just opened the book as a thundering sound interrupted his search.  The doors splinted open and 3 shadowy figures appear in the dust the blast created.  Meister Decov didn’t hesitated and with unworldly haste he grabbed the Scroll and Codex dropped them into Grestin’s arms and Teleported him away.  The Aethergap only just closed as a Fireball smashed into the wall behind Decov.  “ YOU FOOL” one of the figures shouted. He stepped forward and grabbed Devoc by the robe and pushed him against the wall.  “where did you send him?!” “ you will NOT have him , daemon-child” Decov spoke firmly. Underneath the hood 2 crimson-red Eyes unlighted.  “Where did he GO?!” the Daemon-child shouted once more, with such bouldering tone that the books on the wall started to fall out and a crack emerged in the wall behind Decov.  “Tell you master you where to late “ Decov smiled and with his final breath he gathered all his Mana concentrating it into one devastating Blast. The entire South Wing of the Grand University imploded and finally exploded leaving nothing but dust and ashes behind…..  

End of Part 0  “prologue” .

Hopelijk heb ik jullie vermaakt en klaargestoomd voor deel 2 "chapter 1 : What do we have here “
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [Artikel] Story : "Search for Thelion"   wo jul 17 2013, 15:04

imploded en daarna exploded, ik zie het helemaal voor me

chuj ci w dupie chodzi
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[Artikel] Story : "Search for Thelion"
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