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 Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007

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BerichtOnderwerp: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   ma apr 09 2007, 13:25

Hi this is my tournament report on 8 april 2007 granprix Columbus trial.

I woke up at 5:30 packing my stuff and at 7:00 I got to the station and my friend was waiting there and we got on the train,Then it was a pretty hard job finding it.And when we arrived there were some shops and I bought 3 tropical island so one more to go and 4 mishra’s factories.The tournament started at 11:15 And they introduced first the head judge jaap(he is a level 5 judge)and we started.

First round
Red threshold

Game 1

Eventually I wish for twincast and I go off on 6 lands I play high tide he counter it I remand high tide drawing high tide play high tide he taps with fire/ice a island ok then he forces my high tide I force back then he forces again I say ok I take my turn drawing impulse having a hand of high tide twincast meditate impulse and I pass the turn then I go off in his turn him without counters.

Then he gives up because he has no sideboard.

Second round
Against Yaran somebody I know with white weenie.

First game
I play island go he plays hound of konda and the judges are coming this way that he forgot a sideboard card and it was a jotun grunt he gets a game loss.

Second game
There is not much happing he plays some creatures and eventually I go off.

Third round
Against goblins

Game 1
He plays lackey I force of will his lackey and well much did not happen further I got my combo and I combo off.

Game 2
Again I force a lackey he plays some weak goblins further eventually chalice of the void on 2 I impulse into remand I counter it next the he plays chalice of the voind on 2 again and I go off.

Fourth round
Against aluren
Game 1
He plays wall of blossoms a cabal therapy wall of roots and with the cabal therapy he guesses wrong i like brainstorm and mindtricking.

Game 2
This time he plays 2 cabal therapy and only plays them not flashback them and some walls and raven familiar and I combo off on turn 6.

Fifth round
Against charbelcher

Game 1
He spoils himself to death.

Game 2
he was faster and played xantids and duressess like a madman.

Game 3
I remand a lot of stuff and force some stuff over and over and I combo off while he activated a charbelcher then eventually he activates welder and I respond to it and I win with my lethal freeze.

Sixth round

A draw.

Seventh round

A draw.

And I got 6th at the prizes and I could choose out of 3 cards call of the herd asian darksteel colossus asian or a beta black knight psa 9 graded and I took the knight.

Top 8 elimination.

Round 1
Against hannifish.

Game 1
he plays meddling mage I remand he forces my remand ok then I wish then I keep sudden shock in hand for a while and I combo off I play tide ok then reset making all a ruckus about it I win the counter war and he plays stifle on my brain freeze and I force.

Game 2
He has no mage only a army of a lot of guys and I am on 4 something like that when I combo off.

Round 2
Against tes

Game 1
He plays gemstone mine I play island he plays gemstone mine I play island he plays eot plunge into darkness and he takes his turn and while he is comboing I combo off in response with 3 land he completely did not expect it.

Game 2
Well I am with 3 land he plays a lot of mana and ill gotten gains I am ok and then I take back tide remand brainstorm and he plays burning wish leaving 5 mana I think and the level 5 judge gives me a warning for slow play perhaps he was not seeing something or he wanted to go home fast and I remand the burning wish knowing that he has only 4 mana spells while he has 3 mana and I am like weeee and he scoops.


Against goblins

It was there that you could see each others decklist and the judge just layed it somewhere on the table while I was going to the bathroom and I never saw it and he said I laid in on the table and with all the other games he said heres the decklist of the opponent.

Well against a goblins player who was 15th all goblins were hated out but some dropped before the top 8

Game 1
Not knowing he plays goblins I keep a hand with 2 volcanics and I lose.

Game 2
I got a really bad hand.

So this proves goblins only need luck to win.

He wins the trip to Columbus and I got second.

This was my first really big tournament And I am happy on the results!

For me making soo few mistakes.
For the other guys who wished me good luck.
The level 5 judge for being a bit irritated and giving me a slow play warning and for not showing me the decklist.
And for goblins having luck again.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   ma apr 09 2007, 14:26

Ik zeg maar gefeliciteerd met je 2e plaats en wees blij dat je het zover hebt geschopt, van jou wordt nog een Legacy en Vintage kampioen.
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Team Moosebite

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   ma apr 09 2007, 17:19

geweldige prestatie Didier... knap joh, jammer dat je net niet hebt gewonnen...

You get an emblem with "Until the end of the game, you are referred to as 'The Daddy Mack'"

***Pauper to the People***
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   ma apr 09 2007, 17:55

Didier, gefeliciteerd met je fantastische resultaat. Nice job.. jammer van die finale.

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Team Haaksman

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   ma apr 09 2007, 22:22

Super resultaat ! Gefeliciteerd. Jammer idd dat de nummer 15 heen mag.

Btw ik heb ook nog een 1 Tropical Island over, te ruil voor een Tundra of Underground Sea (waar ik nog iets bij zal geven).
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007   

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Grand prix columbus trial in the netherlands 8 april 2007
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