Magic: The Gathering voor Groningen, Friesland en alles daar buiten
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 Tournooiverslag PTQ Geneva: 30-12-2006

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Captain Ian

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BerichtOnderwerp: Tournooiverslag PTQ Geneva: 30-12-2006   ma jan 01 2007, 23:13

Dit stuur ik naar mijn broer in Engeland:

Well the day started very early as I kept waking up with deck building thoughts wafting through my head. I didnít sleep very well. At 08:00 I collected the other guys who were coming with me, Johnny (a constructed player Ė came 11th in the dutch championships) and 2 guys from the multiplayer group, Andre and Frank, both of whom havenít been to a tournament in years.

After a 2 hour drive we got there, just after 10:00 am and met up with the Assen/Groningen group. After a cup of coffee we could register and pay for the day. Then we had to wait for an hour before we could start.

First off was the deck registration Ė open the packs, sort them out and register all the cards, then give them away as you wouldnít be playing with them. Usually a painful experience as you never seem to get a better pool of cards back to build your deck with !

I had to give a Sudden Spoiling away, and was pleasantly surprised to get another one back
:-). That and a Phthisis (and a horrible lack of removal) decided me to play Black. The difficult thing about Time Spiral Sealed Deck seems to be that you often get good cards in all colours, but not enough to be able to play a 2 colour deck. This was the case with my cards Ė about 5 nice white cards, 5 blue, loads of red cards Ė but all underwhelming stuff and only 2 removal spells, and loads of green fat. No colour fixing for white, 2 storage lands R/G and U/B and green land seeking spells.

So I went for B/G/r.

Match 1.
This was against a dutchman - Mark who was playing G/B/w.
Game 1.
Fantastic opening hand.
Me. Turn 1 Suspend 5 Corpulent Corpse (3/3 fear)
Him. Turn 1 Suspend 5 Darkwood Baloth (5/5)
Me. Turn 2 Suspend 5 Phthisis (!)
Me. Turn 3 Suspend 5 Darkwood Baloth (5/5)

Turn 6 do 3 damage with the Corpse.
He attacks back with a Primal Forcemage and boosted Baloth (from the Forcemage) and I decide to let him go unblocked and take 10.
Turn 7 do 3 damage with the Corpse. Do 10 by killing the Baloth with Phthisis.
Turn 8 do 3 damage with the Corpse.
He is on 1, Iím on 10 and have a Baloth coming into play next turn.
His turn 8.He attacks with 2 creatures for 6 and I choose not to block, to kill him off with the Corpse next turn. He then Fortifyís them, dealing 10. Dead. What a game.

Game 2.
Mulliganed to 5 cards and commented that this would a difficult game. He agreed.
Got a Skulking Knight in for 3 and then cast a Hunting Moa to stall things for a while, putting the counter onto the Moa. Then I forgot to pay the upkeep and lost the Moa, so I put the +1/+1 counter onto my Skulking Knight and sat back to look at the situation Ė trying to figure out how to recover from that blunder. Then I noticed the drawback on the Skulking Knight (if it becomes targeted Ė sacrifice it) and suddenly I had no creatures left. I laughed out loud, having just thrown the match away. He did 14 damage that turn and killed me the next. Stupid.

Match 2.
This is against Gideon (who destroyed me at the Fries Open), complaining that he had recieved a match loss for marked sleeves, when his opponent (and sometime friend) decided that he was going to call a judge over in the third game.
He was playing R/G/b/w and destroyed me again, even though he said that he thought my deck was pretty good.

0-2. But I came here to play, not for my rating, so I carried on.

Match 3.
This was against a German, Dominic, playing R/B/g.
We played 2 long drawn out games, winning one each and then we had only 2 minutes left so we decided to call it a draw due to the lack of time. Then after a quick chat with some of his friends he told me he was going to drop and conceded the match. Thanks. And 3 points.

At this point I caught up with Andre and Frank, both of whom had 1 win each and wanted to carry on playing rather than drop and do a draft, so I said that I would stay on playing as well. Johnny had already dropped (0-2) and was involved in a draft. As 3 rank amateurs, we were all happy to have got 3 points and to have done better than Johnny !

Match 4.
This was against Rene, another dutchman, playing W/U.
Game 1 was a wipeout. I got stuck on the wrong coloured mana (1 swamp when I needed 2) and never did a point of damage to him.
Game 2 was much better and I had the advantage the whole game, eventually winning it easily.
Game 3 was yet again hopeless for me and I lost it in short order.

I caught up with Andre and Frank again and we decided to carry on for one more round and then go home.

Match 5.
This was against Serge, a Frenchman, also playing W/U.
The whole match was miserable for me. Everything I tried to do he had an answer for. Nevertheless I won the second game and we started the third, with me hoping for a second win for the day. Hope was all I could do, and the only damage I did to him was via a hard cast (3BBBB) Phthisis. He killed my Skulking Knights with insulting ease, countered my spells with panache and left me no chance to even get into the game. After that I had definately had enough for the day.

So that was it for the day, 4 losses and 1 drawn match that he then conceded.

I enjoyed it. There were players from everywhere. England (me) France, Germany, Belgium and of course Holland. Itís a cosmopolitan game, thatís for sure. Everyone was courteous (perhaps apart from Gideonís first opponent) and that helped to make it an enjoyable day. Losing didnít matter (too much) as I had no real expectations of being able to win much. I went there with the intention to play and enjoy the day out Ė seeing as most of the people there were bound to take it more seroiusly than I would. I had a good time, laughed at my mistakes, was given a win by a generous german and played a lot of Magic.

And then we drove home, two hours through driving rain in the worst storm of the year. Home is another world, away from Magic, good cards, bad cards and losing game after game.

Emma went out, and I ended up watching Jurassic Park with my daughter Kerwin, who spent the best part of the film throwing up into bucket, whilst sitting next to me on the sofa.

Like I said, another world.
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Tournooiverslag PTQ Geneva: 30-12-2006
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