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 [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl

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BerichtOnderwerp: [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl   do dec 31 2009, 11:49

My first exploits in the wonderful world of magic.

I read about magic in a games magazine around when unlimited was released. I went to our local games store and they had never heard of it. So I ordered me an unlimited starter.

I couldn't find anyone to buy a starter as well. Too expensive If only we knew. So I did nothing with it. Then I decided to buy another starter which was revised.

After a while I got my cousin to try it out with me. We learned the rules from the booklet (all wrong of course). But we got into it. By then Magic was popular already. I also had another cousin join in as well. We all decided to play specific colors. I choose RG. One cousin UB, the other either BG or UG (I cant remember). Nobody played white.

I don't remember all the cards but I had 2 Birds of Paradise and a Mox Pearl (not sure if it was unlimited or revised). Unfortunately nobody wanted to trade the Mox Pearl with me since nobody played white. So I was stuck with that terrible card

I had a notion of rares, unc and commons but thought Bop was common since I owned two of them. Eventually I went to that same store again hoping to get rid of that darned Mox Pearl. So I asked out loud if someone wanted to buy the my Mox Pearl. Someone offered me 50 guilders for it, quite a lot but I think it was around 150 guilders at the time (which I did not know). I was about to go for that 50 guilders offer when this guy told me it was worth much more. So I asked if he wanted to buy it. He did not want to buy it but didn't mind trading it with me.

So I went with home with him where he abused me. I traded away my Mox Pearl and 2 Birds of Paradise since they were common anyway. I got a lot of cards back. Oh was I envied my my cousins for those Craw Wurms and all those Fallen Empires cards! It actually took me about 10 years to own any Birds of Paradise again. Not to mention all the money I spend on Fallen Empires afterwards.

How naive I was at 19! That whole incident has defined my character, I still hate injustice and it has taken me years to accept that it simply is an unfair world. If only I knew who this dude was that traded with me. If I would meet him now I would tell him what a bastard he really is.
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Lelijk Konijn

Aantal berichten : 2045
Leeftijd : 33
Locatie : Groningen
Registration date : 23-08-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl   do dec 31 2009, 12:11

Wat een heerlijk kerstverhaal Smile

"Ik wil jouw foil wel. Krijg je van mij een normale terug en misschien wel iets meer."
- Niels in onderhandeling
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Team Moosebite

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Locatie : Resistance Fighters Alley
Registration date : 23-08-06

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl   do dec 31 2009, 12:54

ja... gelukkig kwam alles weer goed ook...

You get an emblem with "Until the end of the game, you are referred to as 'The Daddy Mack'"

***Pauper to the People***
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Pro Player

Aantal berichten : 1387
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Registration date : 11-04-08

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl   do dec 31 2009, 13:09

Dat was vast Gijsbert. Die had destijds ook elke rare in mijn verzameling in ruil voor Craw Wurms, Scaled Wurms en Phyrexian Dreadnoughts.

Maar ja, gegeven het feit dat Phyrexian Dreadnought inmiddels 30,- doet en Sorceress Queen 0,30 ben ik uiteindelijk misschien toch de winnaar.

De site voor Geeks:
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl   

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[Artikel] I once had a Mox Pearl
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